Trump being investigated for obstruction of justice

Robert Mueller, the Justice Department’s special counsel, is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

Mueller is interviewing three top intelligence officials,  including Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence; Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency; and Richard Ledgett, the now retired deputy director of the NSA.

Coats will be meeting with the Senate Intelligence committee Thursday. Mueller’s investigation is going beyond questions of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Chris Ruddy has indicated that Trump might fire Mueller, who was appointed to lead the investigation after Trump fired James Comey, director of the FBI.

Mark Corallo, a spokesperson for Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s private attorney, condemned the report. Corallo said, “The FBI leak of information regarding the President is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal.” Trump tweeted Thursday morning that the report is “phoney” and said, “”They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice.”

The NSA said that the “NSA will fully cooperate with the special counsel. We are not in a position to comment further.”


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