Newly elected President Donald J. Trump revives coal industry

Scraps climate change plan

Trump’s first act as President of the United States has been to declare his energy policy in which, less than an hour following his inauguration, he declares his intention to revive the coal industry.

The 2013 Climate Action Plan, which was aimed at reducing carbon pollution, will be scrapped.

The statement declares that Trump’s energy policy will focus on tapping previously untapped domestic energy reserves in the areas of shale and gas as well as coal.

Coal produces half of the world’s electricity but also produces about 39% of carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change.

Clean coal technology reduces the dirtiest characteristics of coal but is itself polluting and expensive.

Trump will also eliminate the Waters of the US rule, which protected national airways, lakes, rivers, and streams, through the Environment Protection Agency.

Trump has previously declared his intention to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency too.


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