CIA says Russia tried to influence US election

The CIA reported that it has “high confidence” that Russia tried to influence the US election in support of Donald Trump.  On Capitol Hill, lawmakers of both parties are demanding that the issue be investigated. Senator Ben Cardin, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that a Trump administration should work together with the intelligence community and “stop being naive on Russia.” Trump responded that the CIA’s conclusion is “ridiculous.”

Cardin said on CNN’s State of the Union that Russia has attacked European institutions and is now trying to undermine America.  He called Russia a bully that is controlled by a “corrupt regime.”

Republican Senator John McCain and other senators from the Senate Armed Services Committee said that the matter should be investigated. McCain declared that the committee will go to work “immediately” to look into the allegations and that the senate should create a special committee for this purpose.

McCain called Russian president Vladimir Putin “a thug, a murderer, and a killer, and a KGB agent.”

President Barack Obama has ordered a review of campaign-season cyberattacks.


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