Let This Be the Next Step for the NDP

Speaking the Truth – for a Change! Let this be the Manifesto

The Birth of a New Political Consciousness in Canada

No More Lies! No More Bullshit!

I was sorry to see the NDP’s grand old man Mulcair defeated by a 45-year-old going on 25 with a charismatic name and many attractive promises, but the fact that Mulcair approved of Margaret Thatcher gave me pause. The NDP should have risen to the Liberal’s bait. Jack Layton would have made short order of Justin Trudeau. But the people saw that the NDP was merely trying to curry the favour of the electorate by pretending to move right while Trudeau the defender of economic inequality pretended to move to the left. The NDP allowed itself to be co-opted by cynical celebrity and glamour politics, at a time when the world order is dissolving before our very eyes.

Now in the wake of the fall of Mulcair the NDP needs to take account of itself and dare to speak the truth to power and to the electorate, in the perhaps naive belief that if you tell the voters the truth they will vote for you before its too late, if its not too late already. We all need to wake up! We are dozing in the arms of the devil.

Here are the real facts that everybody knows are true but still refuse to admit:

  • Climate change and over-consumption are  destroying the planet and our quality of life
  • Fascocorporatism is exploiting the planet and labour and it’s corrupt to the core
  • Financial capitalism is a speculative game with no soul and no social benefit
  • Political democracy is an unrepresentative sham and has degenerated into a game of celebrity
  • The police and the military are pernicious social influences
  • The United States of America is threatening the peace of the world with its foreign policy antics
  • Globalization is threatening the advent of a new world order
  • Our sovereignty as Canadians is threatened
  • Too many people believe what they see on tv

Now hear the talking points:

Aboriginal Lands and Rights

  • Honour the treaties
  • Negotiate appropriate financial compensation for attempted genocide, residential schools, and other past wrongs
  • Negotiate native self-government


  • Investigate, analyze and greatly restrict the use of pesticides and other chemicals in the agricultural industry
  • Ban the genetic modification of food

Citizenship and Immigration

  • Eliminate money as a criterion of immigration


  • Secede from the monarchy

Criminal Law

  • Decriminalize the possession, use, cultivation, and trade of marijuana and other unprocessed medicinal plants
  • Provide free and unrestricted access to psychedelics for the terminally ill

Electoral System

  • Establish universal proportional representation

Employment Insurance

  • See Universal Guaranteed Income


  • Nationalize energy production and distribution
  • Develop an emergency plan to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and replace all energy production with benign sources, including hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal, as quickly as possible

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Take immediate steps to reduce the pollution and over-exploitation of our land, water, and air

External Relations

  • Withdraw from NATO
  • Withdraw from all foreign military adventures
  • Adopt a position of absolute political neutrality

Fisheries and Oceans

  • Regulate and protect the fisheries to prohibit over-fishing and the destruction of fish habitats and fish stocks

Foreign Affairs and International Trade

  • Withdraw from all foreign trade deals which compromise Canadian economic sovereignty
  • Impose tariffs on imports from Third World countries to establish equity and protect Canadian labour from unfair competition

Health Care

  • Improve the efficiency and diversity of the health care system
  • Increase our commitment to the prevention of disease

Human Resources and Skills Development

  • Introduce a national mandatory jobs registry

International Development and Aid

  • Increase Canada’s commitment to foreign aid

International Trade and Commerce

  • Tax corporations that exploit foreign labour to restore an even playing field


  • Make union membership a real option for every Canadian worker
  • Use the tax regulations to eliminate gross disparities of income

Money and Banking

  • Nationalize the banks
  • Promote small business, cooperatives, and intentional communities
  • Abandon debt-based currency

National Defence

  • Protect our borders

Old Age Pensions

  • See Universal Guaranteed Income

Public Works and Government Services

  • Rebuild the national infrastructure on environmentally sound lines

Shipping, Railways, Telephones and Pipelines

  • Prohibit the construction of all new oil pipelines and fossil fuel installations


  • Increase taxes for the rich and the corporations
  • Establish a progressive corporate tax
  • Decrease taxes for the lower economic classes
  • Eliminate taxes on the necessities of life
  • Tax consumption
  • Tax inheritances and gifts
  • Tax financial speculators
  • Criminalize the use of foreign tax havens by the rich

Telecommunications and Internet

  • Establish universal free Internet access

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities

  • Eliminate private automobiles from all major urban centres (excluding public transportation, taxis, and freight, police and emergency vehicles)
  • Partially replace roads and highways with green space
  • Improve public transportation

 Universal Guaranteed Income

  • Replace EI, pensions, minimum wage, and all government sponsored income assistance programs with one Universal Guaranteed Income equal to the poverty threshold for a single individual automatically paid to every adult citizen of Canada who is not a financial dependent or under 18

And here is why:



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